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We are offering support through mentoring and/or chaplaincy to sports people. They are in some ways a group in need of special support in different phases of life. Our experiences range from young aspiring athletes to adult national team level athletes, to coaches and others in the sports world. If distances are a problem we often use (video) phone calls.

Supporting sports people at championships and competitions is also something that we value. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our services, and you will be contacted by Lucas Nylund, our person in charge.

Earlier said:

"Big thanks to Lucas for the sympathy and readiness to always help when needed. I appreciate that help! Limitations in sports have felt really sad for me. Especially during the times when I was seeing Lucas I was feeling bad every day. It was a relief that we were able to talk things through."

Otto Loukkalahti, track and field athlete and orienteerer (with permission)










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